Tamed: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

Tamed: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

By Linnea May

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

(originally posted November 30, 2016)




The more that stands between us, the more I want her.
Love isn’t something I’m capable of feeling, but if a marriage is what it takes to become my father’s successor and save my family’s fortune from ruin, then it’ll have to be arranged.

However, I have a reputation and for good reason.

I can’t be tamed.

My despicable bride-to-be couldn’t care less about it. This is all for show. It’s a marriage of convenience for her.
I just need to play it safe until the wedding is over.

But then she shows up. The cute pianist, hired to play at my engagement party. Sweet Elodie. Shy, innocent and virtuoso – off limits and impossible for me to claim.

Elodie is a sweet risk and a challenge like no other. Her weak attempts at fending me off only fuel my greedy hunger.

She’ll be mine. Even if that means putting everything I’ve worked for on the line.




Brilliant. Emotionally explosive. Intoxicatingly beautiful. Heartwarming. Heartwrenching. Sweet. Strong. This story is all of these things…and so much more.


Elodie has worked herself to the bone to hone her musical talent, working multiple jobs and earning scholarships to attend Juilliard, and when she lands a potentially career-lifting gig to play piano at a wealthy family’s engagement party, the reader is tasked with deciding what and how to feel: euphoria that she’s getting her chance to showcase her talent among people who may be able to launch her career, or cringing at the demeaning class critiquing she’s subjected to by the bride-to-be, Gloria, and Kingston’s father.


Oh, and then there’s Kingston… Are first impressions right? Is he the *sshole billionaire and man-whore we initially think he is?


This story is well-written, flows seamlessly and steadily, and is masterfully crafted, delivering so much more than you expect ahead of time, and author Linnea May skillfully designs and nurtures the development of her characters throughout the story. And the twists and turns are magnificently orchestrated, not necessarily the ones you might expect, which makes TAMED even better.


So, back to Kingston. Simply put, the final impression is what truly matters in this fairytale romance, and the epilogue will leave you weak in the knees, breathless and in tears.