I really like to read…and edit…and write because I have so many stories buzzing around in my head just waiting to be told…but I didn’t just want to read a book and then just forget about it. So, I started writing book reviews in October 2015 and uploading them to Amazon and Goodreads. I still do that, but it just seemed important to collect all these reviews somewhere else, too, and also have an easier way to share them on Facebook and Twitter.

Up until I created this site, all of these reviews have been collecting dust somewhere else. I had started another blog – No More Stalling – and it still exists, but the purpose for that site was originally to highlight some life-changing things that seemed important at the time (plus, I couldn’t figure out what I was being called to do, so instead of simply floundering around, I started there).

The focus of this site is to house these book reviews all in one place. It’s also meant to provide a connecting point for anyone who might be interested in reaching out to hire me for editing services or to provide a constructive critique on story and/or character structure in a book you’re writing.

What are some other things you might want to know about me? I read and review a lot of ARCs, but I don’t always get them read and reviewed in the short turnaround that authors want… but I do get it done. I have my preferred genres: M/M, mafia bad boy romances and MC bad boy romances top the list. The main thing, though, is that I want a well written book with a good, solid story and a HEA… oh, and hot sex and no cliffhangers. Hate those things – I’m already living life and that causes me sufficient anxiety.