Hard Ride: A Motorcycle Club Romance (The Fallen Thorns MC) (Whiskey Bad Boys Book 2)

By Kathryn Thomas


Rating: 3 out of 5 stars




I’m about to take this girl for a very hard ride.
Selena is a welcome distraction from trouble at the clubhouse.
The curvy librarian thinks she can back me down.
But I like the challenge.
And I’m about to show her just how wrong she is.


Getting women has always been too easy for me.
It’s nice to have a little difficulty for once.

The busty librarian thinks she’ll turn me down and walk away unscathed.
But her resistance can end in only one way:
With Selena on her knees, begging me for more.

But trouble is stirring at the Fallen Thorns MC.
Mysterious threats at our doorstep.
My crazy ex, more unstable than ever.
And a war on the horizon.

So be it.
I’ll handle this – and her – the way I’ve handled everything in my life:
Like a motherf**king biker.


He walked in and changed my life in an instant.
I hated him on sight.
But oh my God, I wanted him so badly.

How could I not?

Those muscles.
Those tattoos.
That smooth, infuriating smirk.

He was used to getting his way with women.
I was determined not to fall for his bad boy charm.
But I never stood a chance.

He owned me from the second he burst through those doors.

I don’t have a choice.
The bad boy biker is about to take me on the hardest ride of my life.




Ever select and read a book that you simply enjoy but perhaps it is not as polished or as well presented as it could – should – be?



  • Even though it is frowned upon to mention editing gaffes and typos, I am still a huge proponent of proofreading. There are so many that it is distracting.
  • Some scenes play out too long or could use some “tightening up.”
  • Writing seemed rushed – a first draft.



  • Enjoyable story, doesn’t test the brain too hard, and is a good reader escape.
  • The main characters are likable.
  • The storyline featured different professions and backdrops – a library, an aspiring author, a Boys and Girls Club.


It is hard for me to enthusiastically recommend reading this one when there are so many other options available. That said, the potential for a great read is there if someone worked it over with a red pen and invested a little time in building it out.


Review posted on Goodreads on January 11, 2020.

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