As Big As the Sky

By Amy Aislin


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars




Sam wants nothing to do with his irresponsible, sarcastic neighbor… Or does he?

Sam McAuley is having a rough start to the summer: Not only is he being sued, but the new guy running the animal rehabilitation center next door has no idea what he’s doing and his runaway chickens constantly end up in Sam’s pristine yard.

Everything is temporary for Bo Novak. For as long as he can remember, it’s been one town to the next, one school to the next, one job to the next. Even his current job–running his sister’s animal rehab center while she’s away on a four-month leave–is temporary. And he does know what he’s doing, thank you very much. Sure, things don’t always run smoothly, but the stick-in-the-mud next door could be a little nicer about it.

One overheard conversation, an olive branch, and a baseball game might show these guys that being at odds isn’t really what they want, and that what they want might just be each other.





This was the first offering I’ve read by author Amy Aislin, and I doubt it will be the last. Aislin did a magnificent job of creating a pleasant, endearing, and naturally evolving relationship between Sam and Bo. What started out as a rebuff when Bo came to oversee his sister’s animal rehabilitation center for four months – Sam took his next door neighbor’s ill-worded description of her brother to heart – turns into the perfect opening for a fresh romance built on mutual respect, affection, lust, and friendship.


Aislin seamlessly weaves threads from both characters’ lives into a satisfyingly rich storyline that holds the reader’s attention and warms the heart. Getting the angst out of the way between Bo and Sam in the early chapters meant being pulled in to enjoy the magical connection shared by this couple, from stargazing to simply becoming mesmerized by staring into each other’s eyes.


My favorite part, though, was the central Ontario references. Though it’s been close to 25 years since I last lived there, reading about Guelph, Puslinch, Aberfoyle, the Rogers Centre (I still call it the SkyDome, too!), and few other things (Coffee Crisp candy bars, Canadian Thanksgiving in October), brought back many pleasant memories.


As Big As the Sky is a realistic, romantic, and beautifully sweet read.


I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader’s Copy of As Big As the Sky.


Review originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads on August 22, 2017.

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