Royal Dick

By Melinda Minx


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars




I’m Prince Rikard Nordgaard, but you can call me Dick.
No one can know that I’m the Nordian prince, at least not until I’m married.
Good thing I just found my bride…she’s an American tourist named Jane.
My father’s on his deathbed, and my country’s at war.
So if plain Jane wants this Royal Dick, she better say “I do,” and fast.

I just wanted to tour the castle, but as soon as I cross the drawbridge, I’m taken hostage.

Just when it looks like I’m as good as dead, Prince Rikard Nordgaard himself sneaks in and comes to my rescue. He takes out the terrorists, and then he takes me out—to dinner.

He’s tall, dark, and a freaking prince. His smile melts my insides, and even when he’s being a total dick, his charm and wit is razor sharp.

Every little girl knows growing up that the Nordian princes must marry commoners, but I’d thrown those dreams out with my Barbie dolls. And now the prince himself is asking me to marry him—to make me his princess.

All I have to do is say ‘yes,’ and my life will change forever. The terrorists are starting a civil war, and the king is dying, so it won’t exactly be all sunshine and roses. But how can I say no to a prince? Even if he is a royal dick.





The latest release by author Melinda Minx is a steady, fast-paced read that blends romance, fantasy/fairytale, and a splash of sci-fi.


Rikard, known as Dick to help hide his read identity from the people of Nordia, meets Jane, an American tourist, under unusual circumstances: he takes it upon himself to apprehend/stop a group of terrorists from hurting a group of tourists taken hostage after they (terrorists) take hold of the castle (government building). Jane isn’t a meek or weak woman. In fact, she notices Rikard’s stealth efforts to rescue the tourists and takes it upon herself to successfully aid him in his efforts.


In a fairytale-type twist, Rikard has found himself in an awkward position: his father has suffered a heart attack and may not recover, which means as the heir to the throne, he must marry in order to rule. But it’s not that he just has to get married – according to an outdated law, he’s required to marry a commoner, which turns out to be good news for Jane.


Dick and Jane, however, discover they really do like one another, and after one week of expedient goings-on and getting to know one another AND attempting to solve the mysteries surrounding the separatists/terrorists, the two marry. They realize and profess their feelings for one another.


Minx delivers the anticipated surprises woven throughout the story, and the characters are vividly portrayed and developed. This story features plot-driven action instead of emotional angst, giving it an uplifting quality. Jane’s smarts and capable and competent nature equalize her with Rikard, making them compatible and likeable – you can see these two being real and respectful partners.


Royal Dick has an entertaining cast of characters, and it is an easy and enjoyable read.




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