His Hostage: Valetti Crime Family (A Bad Boy Mafia Romance)

His Hostage: Valetti Crime Family (A Bad Boy Mafia Romance)

By Willow Winters

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars




He was supposed to take my life… Instead he made me his.

Valetti crime family underboss Vincent Valetti is hot. Like… jaw dropping, lip biting, panty wetting kind of hot. Tall and muscular, with the kind of dominant, cocky attitude that makes a girl’s knees go weak.
He commands respect and fear from the familia, and he deserves it. He’s earned it. As for women… they can have one night and the most amazing f*ck of their life, but that’s all they get.
Until Elle Hawthorne.
Gorgeous, curvy, and looking for an escape, she calls to Vincent. Her innocence begs him to take her… f*ck her, ruin her for all other men. Worse, he wants to protect her.
In Vincent’s care, Elle witnesses a terrible crime — and if she breathes a word of it, the Valettis are screwed. Torn between the woman he craves and loyalty to his family, Vincent is put to the test.
He should kill her, but he can’t let that happen. He won’t. Vincent’s a man who takes what he wants. And he wants Elle all to himself.
She was in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Now she belongs to him.
How far will Vincent go to protect the girl who should be next on his hit list?







Vince gets a bit more than he bargained for when he decided to seduce a young co-ed who mistakenly thought the quaint Italian restaurant would be a good place for her to study. Things quickly escalate out of everyone’s control when a zoned-out Elle opens what turns out to be the wrong door – it opens, but not onto something she was supposed to see. But Vince will do anything to keep his “sweetheart” safe from death at the hands of his familia, who never allows a witness to survive. Vince blames himself since he believes he should and could have stopped her from opening the door.


Author Willow Winters does a masterful job of sculpting complex characters and crafting a fast-paced plot with lots of action and suspense. By telling the story from dual point-of-view, the reader catches on pretty quickly to Vince’s internal struggle: he needs to honor the family yet he wants Elle for himself. He has fallen in love with his “sweetheart”.


As the story progresses, it’s pretty difficult not to fall in love with Vince and Elle and their evolving relationship. Vince, too, also has no patience for Elle’s conniving alcoholic mother and her efforts to derail her daughter.


The story promises some unexpected twists and turns and an element or two of surprise towards the conclusion, and it becomes evident that Elle perfectly complements Vince and these two truly love one another. The extended epilogue, too, is a rewarding conclusion for readers.



Favorite part?

There were several things I really enjoyed, but the one scene in the police station when Vince realizes that Elle didn’t sell him out and it’s the police detective who is lying, was classic.





Review originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads on July 3, 2016.


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