Dirty Royal: A Bad Boy Royal Romance

By Amelia Wilde

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars




It’ll take a real prince to tie her down. Not this a**hole.

Alexander Caldwell only plays the part of the golden-boy prince in public. It’s not hard to enchant everyone he meets with his unforgettable body and smoldering smile. Behind closed doors? He’s a complete pr*ck who’s always ready for a fight.

The one thing on his agenda? To f*ck as many gorgeous women as possible.

That is, until he swipes right on stunning Jessica Reeves’ profile.

Jessica is everything that his father, the king, would never approve of: unapologetically American; a feisty free spirit with a bedroom manner to match.

It was supposed to be sex with no strings attached. It was never supposed to leave the States.

Now Alec wants Jessica to be the perfect trophy princess, always ready to meet his every need.

It’s a glitzy royal lifestyle with one huge catch: she doesn’t belong in a hoity-toity castle. And she sure as f*ck doesn’t belong to him.





This story promises a lot of heat, sizzle and drama. The plot itself isn’t overly deep, but it doesn’t need to be. Alec’s life takes a sharp – and swift – turn, twice, first when he has to rush away from his impromptu getaway from NYC and then when he’s forced into a role in which he had no desire or expectation to take on. Jessica, on the other hand, is plopped into a situation that hasn’t been thought through – very unlike her status quo for change – and she struggles formidably with herself throughout the process. Even though the storyline revolves around a royal family and lifestyle, a similar situation could apply to anyone in any field, except in the private versus public eye. It boils down to love – is it worth fighting for or caving to someone else’s expectations?


One thing Alec and Jessica did have, though, was chemistry – combustible chemistry – between the sheets. Jessica, who the reader was introduced to in Dirty Rich (though you don’t need to read that book first in order to understand this one), wasn’t a favorite of mine before jumping into this book, but I found her tolerable and almost likable as the story progressed. Alec, on the other hand, was swoon-worthy from the word ‘go’. Even though he has some anger issues, he more than makes up for it by his characteristic authenticity and ability to learn as he goes. He is very different from his brother, Marcus, who really doesn’t seem very likable…at all.


I enjoyed the Nate character, who was Alec’s best friend growing up and his current driver. Christian received another fair bit of play – as he did in the first book by this author – and between him and Nate, Alec and Jessica get some really good advice. Will they follow it?


The final scene in the book (pre-epilogue) was by far my favorite in the entire book; it was actually movie-worthy. True love can win out in the end, if we’re able to follow our heart and do what needs to be done and for the right reasons.


Review originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads on July 23, 2016.


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