Lady and the Champ

By Katherine Lace

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars




He’s a single dad, and he needs a lady
I massage naked guys for a living, but it’s strictly business. As a physical therapist, I get my hands on the hottest guys in sports, but I’m a professional. I have rules.

And I’m *this* close to breaking every one of them.

It’s all his fault: Austin “The Champ” Sherwood, the gorgeous football god. He’s most valuable on the field, and most desired in the bedroom. He’s my obnoxious patient. I hate him. I want him. But we’re forced together as he’s recovering from a season-ending injury.

Rejecting him should be easy. I shouldn’t want to date a client, but my heart melts when I see him with his baby daughter. A football god who’s not a player? He’s a dream-come-true, but I can’t date him. Our forbidden romance could get me fired.

But what will we lose if we walk away?

They call me the Champ, but I’m no player

Let’s get one thing straight: I don’t date. When I see women, it’s just to get laid. That’s the way it is when you’re a single dad. Between my football career and raising my kid, I have no time to play the field. My world revolved around my baby girl until Chloe.

She’s my stuck-up, hot as hell physical therapist. She’s mouthy. Gorgeous. Smart as hell. And she hates me. She doesn’t like football, and I’m a wide-receiver. She doesn’t have kids—I’m a single dad.

Girls like her don’t go for guys like me, but I can’t get her out of my damn mind. I’ll play again when I heal from my injury, but her hands are the only ones I want on my body. She’s all attitude and sass until her clothes hit the floor. My daughter needs a mother—and Chloe’s perfect.

I’ve got one goal in mind, and it’s not just scoring with the Lady.

I want the whole nine yards.





Austin is a player, in more ways than one, but one thing is certain: Chloe, his massage/physical therapist, can’t deny he floats her boat. Once Chloe admits and succumbs to her feelings – and lust – for Austin, their undeniable chemistry becomes borderline combustible. It’s easy to become caught up in the characters and their banter, but also in their genuine affection for one another, even though Austin covers it up with coy innuendos and clever ploys. He does realize, however, that Chloe is an awfully good physical therapist and responsible for helping him recover and isn’t afraid to throw his influence around to keep her under his employ.


Admittedly, Chloe is gun-shy about her career and reputation after a former beau screwed her over royally by blaming her for his injury, even though he hadn’t followed recommendations and returned to the field too soon, but she does harbor a lot of anxiety that doesn’t bode well for her relationship with Austin. She’s pretty quick to jump to conclusions, and often it’s unwarranted.


Even though Austin started out as an egocentric macho man who can land any woman he wants, his bravado is overshadowed when it comes to his young daughter and his mother, who is quite ill and in a nursing home. He’s also willing to go to bat when one of Chloe’s colleagues who wants to go out with her, let’s jealousy get the best of him and throws a curveball that ultimately gets her fired.


Ultimately, for me, this book provided an easy read about a hot hunky football player and likable heroine, paired great chemistry and sizzling sex scenes, and delivered a HEA that made me smile.


I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.



The “huh” part?

For me, Chloe was a bit too worried about getting caught and not following her heart to be with Austin, especially when they had a lot in common, enjoyed one another’s company, she bonded so easily with his daughter, and they clicked.


Favorite part?

Austin announcing he was willing to retire/give up football to be with Chloe. Football was just his job, but Chloe was his life.


Review originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads on July 23, 2016.


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