Savage: A Bad Boy Fighter Romance

By Marci Fawn and Isabella Starling

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars




“I can’t be gentle, sugar. I don’t know how.”
I don’t remember my past. All I know is my present. Fighting, killing, butchering men like me every night. They call me Angel, a name I hate with all my heart, unless it’s coming from her lips. Adrienne Hanson, the prize promised to me if I win a fighting tournament. I need to beat 100 men to get my freedom, but now it seems as if I’m only fighting for her. Sweet Adrienne, my sugar. But the man who took away her family now wants to steal her innocence as well… Not if I get there f*cking first.

Wilson Cobb killed my father, and took my mother and me under his wing. Except that isn’t a good thing. He’s a dominant, possessive, manic man who would do anything for revenge. But in Cobb’s mansion, I meet Memphis… A prize fighter who tugs on the strings of my heart, threatening to unravel my plans for revenge. I need Memphis. I need to avenge my father. And I need to get away from Cobb before he destroys me…





Dark and delicious.
Rarely do I find it so challenging to write a review, but Savage is one of those few times when, regardless of what I say about it, I’ll feel as if I’m not doing it justice.


Wow, this one was both breathtaking and breathless. And painful. This book is not for the faint-hearted. Intense storyline. Heart-wrenching and heart-breaking. You may think you know what’s coming, but just when you think you do, you’ll discover it’s not what you expected at all. Memphis may seem like a jaded monster on the outside, but that façade has resulted from a series of life events meant to break him. Be prepared for twists, turns and times when you’ll be completely blindsided, so much so you’ll feel chills.


Memphis and Adrienne are from two different worlds, yet it may not be as different as they think. They have an instant connection, and it’s one that cannot be broken. Their love, though not the flowers-and-wine-type, is so authentic and true, it’s almost tangible to the reader. It’s palpable through the pages.


(Spoiler alert) Memphis’s decision after he won his 100th fight brought me to tears.


This book goes full circle, but it’s unlike any circle you’ve rounded before.




Most definitely recommend this book, but if you’re not prepared to be blindsided, torn apart and shocked, it may not be right for you. There are some pretty gruesome elements.


Review originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads on July 23, 2016.



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