Dirty Rich: A Bad Boy Millionaire Romance

By Amelia Wilde

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars




Money can’t buy love, but loving her may cost him everything.

Jax Hunter is an arrogant, selfish pr*ck. He’s got a body made for sin, more money than God, and more women than any one man could possibly handle.

He rules his business with an iron fist — displease him once, and you’re out. Dating is the business of pleasure, and he’s every bit as ruthless.

Women have an expiration date, after all.

Until Catherine. She’s a confident, strong-willed career woman with curves that make Jax forget all the rules. Like his first and foremost rule: never f*ck your employees.

Catherine is everything he won’t allow himself to have — and she’s desperate for an escape from her boss’s unceasing demands. When she rejects him, it only makes Jax want her more — and realize that he needs to take down her walls, drive her over the edge.

They come to an agreement: only hot, wild, sweaty, come-so-hard-you-forget-your-name sex. No strings attached.

That means no fancy restaurants, no flowers delivered to her desk, and no pet names. Jax Hunter doesn’t fall in love — it’s a weakness he won’t permit himself to have. Which is good, in light of his second rule: never, ever fall for your assistant, no matter how hot she is.

Then again, considering Catherine’s beauty, brains, and fiery passion…there’s a first time for everything, and rules are meant to be broken…





This story was very well written and really sucked me in right from the start. I really enjoy it when characters have chemistry, and these two – Jax and Catherine – had palpable sizzle and sass. The storyline, too, was a little different than the tried-and-true – or shall I say tired-and-true – recipe for similar stories, and for me it moved along at a steady pace and flowed.


I would say author Amelia Wilde did a pretty thorough job of developing the characters, in so much of a way that the reader could almost anticipate what he/she would do, feel, etc. I definitely didn’t like the woman boss character, but then she was supposed to be an antagonist and unlikeable. Some reviewers noted that Jax should have booted the woman from her job, but I’ve actually been in a couple similar situations where the boss should have been “managed” but wasn’t for one reason or another (i.e. liability, it can be hard to prove and/or you have to get your ducks in a row to make it stick, business owner or not). Catherine (Cate) also was relatable, especially for any of us women who have, at one point or another in our life, thought we had to give it our all – even if it meant wasting away our mental health – to succeed and get ahead in our career. Cate’s sister and brother-in-law and their new babies also added a unique turn of events that added a little different turn to the story, and it also helped to expand on Jax’s personality and true self. I’m not sure the reader would have gotten a dose of the real Jax without those scenes.


(Spoiler alert) One thing I really liked about the book was that it was cut-to-the-chase as far as the emotional side of things. In other words, they declared their feelings earlier than in most similar stories, and it lessened all that (what I consider) unnecessary angst that masquerades as storyline. I was really taken by Jax’s reaction to Cate’s breakdown at the office and how he eventually made a decision for her – mind you, a lot of readers didn’t like Jax putting his foot down about her job, but I thought it indicated his true feelings better than just about anything else. She had a fit, whereas in my world, if I ever found a guy like that…sign me up and handcuff us together, cuz’ he’s a keeper. And when one considers how it eventually turned out…she got exactly what she always wanted.



The “huh?” part:

For me, I couldn’t figure out what Cate was so ticked off about when Jax ended her career, so to speak. To me, it helped showcase the boss lady’s true colors and served up a tasty dish of karma for her. And, it opened the door for Jax’s biggest “gift” to Cate – her own magazine.



Favorite part?

When Jax sat by Cate’s side in the hospital after her physical breakdown from exhaustion. Classic.



Definitely. And Amelia Wilde’s writing has a way of sucking you in and keeping your attention. Get lost for a while.


Review originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads on July 23, 2016.


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