Daddy’s Bought Virgin: A Fake Marriage Romance (Innocence Book 2)

Daddy’s Bought Virgin: A Fake Marriage Romance

By Roxanne Rolling


Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars





Women fall all over me, and it’s not just because I’m filthy rich.

Now my wild ways are coming back to haunt me. My crazy ex-wife and the judge don’t seem to think I’m fit to be a father.

I’ll lose my daughter unless I can fix my reputation.

So I find the most wholesome, innocent girl I can, and I marry her.

The only problem? I never thought my heart would want her as much as my…


He makes me shiver in excitement. He makes my body… respond. But he’s the boss, and I’m just the new girl in the copy room.

When he tells me he’s going to marry me, I nearly faint.

The only catch? It’s a fake marriage, and nothing’s supposed to happen between us.

But he makes it clear he wants me, and I’m this closing to letting him have his way with me.




In the rush by authors to take advantage of the popular “fake fiancée/fake marriage” trend currently circulating through the romance genre in the e-book market, authors are challenged to up the ante when it comes to standing out amongst the glut of books categorized under this heading. To stand out, these books need to be extremely well written, forge seamlessly plot- and subplot-wise from start to finish, feature memorable characters, and incorporate some sort of unique or special element(s) to segregate them from the rest. The challenge is for a book to be extraordinary, and not simply ordinary, memorable and not forgettable.


Here are what I consider the positives about this recent release from author Roxanne Rolling:


  • Daddy’s Bought Virgin is a cute, light-hearted read with a likable and independent heroine.
  • The HEA is satisfying, though rushed. It almost felt like a race to the finish, and then… an abrupt stop.
  • Laura is likable, and though scenes between her, David, and Olivia weren’t explored and exploited to the degree they could have been, they hinted at a softer side to David. There was no doubt it existed, but it was extremely well hidden.
  • The author does a superb job of convincing the reader that David can be an arrogant a**hole.


And then here are the things I was puzzled by:


  • There was no real explanation for Nancy’s apparent dislike of Olivia – was she jealous, did she assume she was only after his money, or that she was going to be a negative influence on Laura?
  • An expansion on Olivia’s dad’s criminal behavior was never exhausted. Wouldn’t an obvious plot angle (either framed as angst to break the couple up momentarily or serve as the reason why Olivia broke the contract, validating her wholesome and honorable nature) seem to be getting out from under the weight of identity theft at the hands of her dad? I don’t recall them even discussing this issue (only that she was afflicted with chronic fatigue syndrome, but the identity theft issue, especially considering David’s wealth – that was a give-me).


The potential is there, but to boost my rating, I wanted to see reference to realistic timing (i.e. Olivia hadn’t known Laura “for months”, but only hours, or a day); scenes need to segue more smoothly, appear less rushed, and take place in a logical manner (i.e. no continuity in place or time during some scenes); and the writing needs to be tighter.


I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader’s Copy and submitted a review.


Review originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads on May 30, 2017.


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