My Dad’s Boss

My Dad’s Boss

By Mia Madison

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars




I’m surrounded by boys, but I want a real man

I can’t take my eyes off the handsome older man in the coffeehouse. With his broad shoulders, salt-and-pepper stubble, and commanding confidence, he steals my attention.

We share some innocent flirtation… and then I spend the next week fantasizing about the hot-as-hell man who is so different from the awkward, fumbling college boys I know.

But now he’s in my home for real. At my parent’s anniversary party. Turns out, he’s the new principal at the school where my dad teaches. He’s my dad’s boss.

Now our flirting isn’t so harmless. My dad hates Nick Conner almost as much as I like him. As our secret relationship grows, I can’t help falling for Nick… but if I follow my heart, will I destroy my relationship with my father forever?





This novella was an energetically spicy breath of fresh air. Cassie’s and Nick’s relationship started out over an impromptu flirtation session at a coffee house, but when Cassie’s vulnerable display of insecurities surfaced when her ex-boyfriend Brad and his girlfriend (who just happened to be Cassie’s ex-best friend) show up unexpectedly, Nick takes the lead on delivering a convincing performance that he and Cassie are happily dating.


The premise for this story and its plot and sub-plots is solid, and author Mia Madison does a thorough job of realistically pulling off and conveying both Nick’s and Cassie’s emotions, conflicts, doubts, and attraction to one another during each step of their evolving relationship. The situation at the school during the hurricane was a fresh slant on overcoming a relationship obstacle, and threaded in smoothly to the HEA.


My Dad’s Boss is a quick read that delivers a sweet and tasteful romance that’s not plagued with unyielding angst, and boasts creative spins on a tried and true plot.


I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of My Dad’s Boss.


Review originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads on November 6, 2016.


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