Oath Breaker (Sons of Odin Book 3)

Oath Breaker (Sons of Odin Book 3)

By Erin S. Riley


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars




The exciting conclusion of the Sons of Odin trilogy:

Sometimes the right man has been there all along…

Selia has fled Norway and her Viking berserker husband to protect her children from his rages. His brother Ulfrik, having long loved Selia from afar, offers his protection. As Selia uncovers the man he is, love blossoms in her heart where there was only emptiness. But will their newfound love survive when Alrik returns to claim what is his?




The reader learns about Ulrik in this final book of the series. He also assumes a pivotal role in the young Faolon and Greirr’s lives on the island. Finally Selia overcomes her inner struggle to pursue her feelings for Ulfrik and the star-crossed lovers are united. All is not easy and blissful, however, especially when Grainne, on her deathbed, admits being responsible for the death of Ulrik’s first wife and child…and it becomes known that Selia knew about her mother’s crime. When Alrik returns to claim Selia and it appears that Ulfrik has been killed, Selia believes her life is over, especially since Alrik has only allowed Faolon to return to Norway. The final scenes in this book between Alrik, Selia, Faolon and Ulrik are over the top brilliantly done. Riley is a phenomenal writer. She’s hit gold on this series.


Favorite part?

My favorite parts were in this final book. The final scene mentioned in the review above, as well as when Selia admits to Ulfrik that she’s pregnant with his child.




Yes, if for no other reason than the writing is over-the-top good.


Review originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads on April 24, 2016.



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