Bad Boy’s Treat: The Possessed MC

Bad Boy’s Treat: The Possessed MC

By Amy Love

Rating: 4.5 out of 5




I never knew the price I’d pay for a taste
My business is everything to me, but Liam is about to turn all of that upside down, and turn me into someone I can’t recognize.

He scares me as much as he intrigues me.
My mind screams for me to run, but my body screams for his touch.

His muscular tattooed body.
His scowl, his smirk,

… and the way he stares into my eyes when he pins me underneath him.

There’s no mistaking it.
Now. Tonight. Forever,

He’ll make me turn tricks to be his treat.





This story is not a typical MC romance, even though it includes boxing, an alpha bad boy, a feisty yet sweet heroine, and some bad business on the side.


I enjoyed the character of Liam and how author Amy Love crafted him, especially in how she portrayed some of his morals (not the best morals, but he had some) – he often referred to things his grandmother and/or grandfather had said or taught him (they had raised him), and the way he reacts and responds to Alana’s father in the hospital and his condition was commendable…and unexpected for an alpha bad boy…but charming, all the same. I also was humored by how Liam was sort of blindsided by his growing feelings for Alana…and how he reacted to them by questioning himself. Alana was also a likeable character, and it was plausible to me how she could shift from confidence to insecurity (such as when she was being directed through the clubhouse) and back again at the urging of Liam. She was doing what she needed to do for her father, but she was human, too, as conveyed by fighting and questioning her lust and feelings for Liam to denying her attraction to her friend Jana to trying to do everything from going to school to running a business so she could pay her dad’s hospital bills. Throw in Liam’s crazy ex-girlfriend Amy, a well-enacted twist to the storyline, and the ice cream truck concept and jewelry theft, and you have a creative approach to the MC/bad boy/good girl concept. Liam and Alana are a likeable pair, especially as the story builds and their relationship evolves.


The story was an entertaining read and it was delivered at a steady pace, but for me it read a bit choppy at times. The romance was endearing and solid, and the steam and sizzle was well done. Liam and Alana are a couple you want to see together.


I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


Review originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads on November 11, 2016.


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