By R.J. Scott

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars





NB: This is a previously released title. Now in its third edition, it features a new short epilogue and has been re-edited with new cover art


Actor Jacob Riley is a typical former Hollywood child star with serious issues. He has already done prison time, and at the age of twenty-six has been arrested for possession yet again.


Quietly working to make the world a better place, Ethan Myers is the owner and manager of Macs, an education center for local, low-income families. Losing his partner to cancer has left him lost and alone, and he buries himself in his work in the hope it will mend his broken heart.


Sparks fly when Jacob is forced to complete his community service at Macs. Despite their best efforts to resist, the two men find themselves growing closer as a spoiled Jacob gains his first glimpse at the real world.


As Jacob’s time at Macs comes to an end is there any chance their fragile relationship can survive?






Moments was a very enjoyable read for me. It turned out to be a romantic story that tapped at deeper issues, occasionally processing the steps to solutions or growth a bit swiftly and methodically, but author R.J. Scott always weaves in the elements of solid characterization, effective scene-building, and engaging storytelling to make Moments a worthy read.


Did Jacob’s life turn around too fast once he arrived at Mac’s? Maybe. Maybe not. Considering he had no direction to go but up (i.e. recover/rehabilitate), and that Ethan evoked emotions he’d not ever felt before – you know, the complete “I’d never do that,” but then once you meet the “one,” it’s game over? – who’s to say for sure? And what about Ethan? Isn’t he supposed to be a mentor and watch over his charge? One thing is for sure, and that’s that he shouldn’t be getting involved with Jacob while he’s assigned to complete his four-month stint at Mac’s. Yeah, probably, but I chose not to become encumbered by technicalities, instead settling back to enjoy their journey: Ethan and Jacob falling in love and building a trusting friendship; acknowledging, interpreting, accepting, and addressing past wrongs; growing and maturing, nurturing and blossoming; taking responsibility and making choices.


The book was very well written, the storyline and plots/sub-plots were solid, relevant, and relatable, the emotional and physical elements were searing and powerful.


The ending scenes seemed a bit rushed compared to the steady pace delivered throughout the rest of the book perhaps, but the epilogue shifted itself back to the tempo and mood originally established at the beginning. Moments is a heartfelt and enjoyable read.


I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader’s Copy.


Review was originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads on April 26, 2017.


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