By Sapphire Knight

Rating: 5 out of 5




Biker bitch? Not this chick. I can’t stand my father and his group of criminals, and what better way to get back at my father, the President, than to sleep with one of them? Poor little Prospect, he never saw me coming. When my safety is jeopardized yet again by the MC, it’s not the Prospect to my rescue, it’s a Nomad bound for hell and my heart.





Viking is pretty hard-core: he’s a savage alpha nomad biker who came by his nickname honestly, and H*ll!, is he hot! Princess is the estranged daughter of the outlaw MC president and she’s on a mission to treat him a lesson for always leaving her and her mom and brother alone as kids. He broke her mother’s heart over and over again, and now she’s going to turn the tables. Little does she know that the opposite is about to happen.


There is a lot of violence at the cornerstone of this book – some expected and some comes with unexpected twists and turns, along with danger, different levels and types of love (father for daughter Princess, Princess for biker, biker for Princess, Princess and her best friend), fear, and loyalty. The evolution of Viking’s character is very well done, and once the reader digests his backstory in full when he’s suddenly faced with his destiny as well as accountability to and for Princess and his younger brother, it really drives home the multiple layers and depth to this guy. Princess, who I wasn’t quite sure how to take in the beginning, even evolves into a likable character!


Great surprise HEA ending – a little different type of HEA than the traditionally expected one, but the twists and musing how it may (eventually) play into Odin’s future is intriguing. (And is anyone else curious about Nightmare and Bethany and their pregnancy?)


I received an ARC for this book in exchange for an honest review.


The “Huh?” part?

What was the deal with that hoist in Mexico, other than to create a situation for the attack on Princess at the bar?



Yes, though I admit I was a bit surprised by the physical “activities” shared by Princess and her best friend. Falling for Viking, though, makes it worth the read.


Original review was posted on Amazon and Goodreads on June 28, 2016.


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