Hail Mary Baby: A Secret Baby Sports Romance

Hail Mary Baby: A Secret Baby Sports Romance

By Kara Hart

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars




I made one big mistake that almost ruined my life — I had the quarterback’s baby.


Jocks were never my thing. But when the first assignment to hit my news desk is an interview with Liam Conway, I can’t refuse. The scoop is too big, because Liam is the talk of the football world right now — with men and women alike.

Makes sense. He’s tall, dark, handsome… and ripped. Then there are the rumors about his prowess in bed and the size of his c*ck… Not that I pay attention to any of those.

The interview turns into a seduction, as Liam pursues me. Flattered, I agree to one night. One night of panty-dropping, sheet-clenching, oh my GOD he’s good sex.

Only… after we parted the next morning, he doesn’t realize he changed my life… forever.

I had his baby, and he has no idea.


I don’t give a damn about love. All I care about is scoring… on and off the field. Football and p*ssy are my two passions, and I don’t give a f*ck who knows it.

I’m the player of the century. Groupies, flashy cars, a big mansion… I thought I had it all. That is, until I laid eyes on gorgeous blonde Laura.

Now I can’t get her out of my damned head… and I’m going to claim her. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep f*cking her… morning, noon, night, and every chance between.

She resists me, but I don’t care. I’ll just have to remind her just how much she wanted me, that night she screamed my name…

I will make her want me, make her spill all her secrets, make her stay with me… if it’s the last thing I do.





I enjoy Kara Hart’s writing, and even though this review is not glowing, my objective is not to throw her work on this book under the bus. It’s only my opinion and offers my angle from what I read in the ARC she provided to me for an honest review.


I’m going to start with the negative and end with the positive, though.


This was a frustrating read for me. The dialogue had a habit of being inconsistent and sometimes nonsensical (I doubt 30-somethings would have this outlook…20-somethings, maybe), the football terminology was a bit off (a lot off, sometimes), and it was easy to get thrown off on timing (if she came at night how did it become morning within minutes?) or where the story was actually even taking place, who was there, etc. Sentences weren’t always complete, and sometimes they just appeared to be written hurriedly maybe? And if Liam DID tear his Achilles tendon, there is no way short of taping that injury so tight he couldn’t breathe and filling him full of drugs that he would’ve gone back into the game, let alone jumped over the rail and ran up the bleachers to see Laura, and then threw her over his shoulder to run down the bleachers and out to his car. That type of pain is excruciating when it’s a minor injury, and my guess is that it wasn’t minor in his case.


Aside from those things – and honestly, an editorial and proofreading review during the ARC process might clean up some of the inconsistencies and oddball writing things – what really got my tinsel in a tangle was Laura. Laura’s supposed to be a smart girl, but her spatting, or pouting sessions about not trusting Liam, were ridiculous and childish, all things considered. Let me get this straight: she took a new job and moved to California – without telling Liam; she changed her name – without telling Liam; she didn’t try to call Liam OR tell him she was pregnant; she typed her phone number in wrong on Liam’s phone (which she didn’t know, I guess, but still); and yet it’s HIS fault? Liam is the one who should be mad at her! Geesh. Seriously?


Now, there were positives to this story. First and foremost, Liam as a whole. Yeah, he was a cocky bastard, but deep down he was likeable and relatable. There were some good and well-written chapters and scenes, most notably the ones at the Super Bowl after party with Liam and Laura, the scene where they walked home, the scenes in her apartment/condo, the flower and orchestra scene (though parts of that seemed a bit off it was endearing and original), and then the scenes at the post-game press conference. There seemed to be redeeming qualities about Laura, but just when I thought she was getting her head screwed on straight and I was going to reevaluate my impression of this book, something out of character seemed to transpire. The final twist – who was behind trying to get Liam to crack and lose the Super Bowl – came as a bit of a surprise, especially considering that all previous events didn’t line up to that. It makes a good story, but there needed to be other bones tossed in there earlier on to validate it actually happening.


Honestly, a thoroughly brutal editing job coupled with some attention to flow could easily boost this book’s rating for me.




If you like easy-to-read romance stories with secret babies and hot alphas and don’t mind a lot of unnecessary angst and a fair share of misguided drivel (especially among older – 30-something – characters), this book is fine. There are a lot of other ones out there, though – even written by this author – that I’d enjoy more.


Original review posted on Amazon and Goodreads on June 28, 2016.



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