Big Bad Professor: An Alpha and a Virgin Romance

Big Bad Professor: An Alpha and a Virgin Romance

By Tia Siren

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars




Who better to teach me all about sex than a big bad professor…

Professor Hollander gave me an F! What the hell. I work my ass off to get good grades! Even if he is as sexy as hell, I’d never suck up to him or even suck him off for an A.

But then it turns out he gave everyone an F and we all started venting on FaceSpace. Then someone posted this: Hollander couldn’t even teach a virgin how to come! Right, Audrey Ross? lol!!!

Now everyone knows I’m a virgin, even Chase Hollander.

He just private messaged me and offered to help me with my little virginity problem.

He’s going to make me come, he says, and this time he’ll make sure I get an A…

Yeah. My class is hard. I know the students hate me for it. The little bastards want to complain? I’ll show them what hard really is. F*ck it. I don’t care about the consequences. Hell, at this point I don’t have much left to lose.

So I gave the whole class an F.

Then they start bitching about me on FaceSpace. But it got interesting. Audrey Ross, the only girl in the class who gives a shit about her grades, is outed as a virgin.

She complains that I gave her an F? I’ll give the virgin the biggest O she’s ever had.




The Big Bad Professor offers a creative and emotionally wrenching play on the traditional storyline built around a college professor and one of his students. Chase isn’t the typical hot young alpha stud and Audrey isn’t your everyday goody two-shoes virgin. And how these two initially end up connecting offers a decidedly different, shocking and fast! twist on originality.


The author does a thorough job of painting Chase as a troubled and colorful college English professor and alcoholic. As the book begins, it’s rather challenging to find anything endearing about the guy, even when learning about his daughter dying and wife divorcing him. Small hints start adding up that Chase may have been dealt a tragic hand or two, and isn’t truly the unsalvageable deadbeat soul the reader may have initially assumed.


Audrey went from being a sex-starved virgin college co-ed who ends up embarrassed and humiliated by her peers, driven to have sex with her professor simply to lose her virginity, to a warm-hearted woman who can see beyond herself and her trivial problems.


The writing is steady-paced and solid, and author Tia Siren’s storytelling keeps my attention from start to finish. Phrasing cuts to the point, and character dialogue is believable and witty, especially between Audrey, her friend Rachel, and Rachel’s boyfriend Duke at the book’s onset. Their bluntness about sex, virginity and jock talk is probably pretty realistic.


Some readers may find the story short, but it is a novella and focuses on a snapshot in the lives of two characters who are pulled together in an unlikely and unusual way. The author does an impressively thorough job of weaving the right amount of backstory about both Chase and Audrey into the story itself to propel it along and validate why things have evolved in the way they did. The HEA is anticlimactic, but satisfyingly sweet.


I voluntarily received and reviewed an Advanced Reader’s Copy of The Big Bad Professor.


Review originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads on December 6, 2016.


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