Filthy Flirt: An Office Romance

Filthy Flirt: An Office Romance

By Chloe Lane

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars




Emma Mason is completely off-limits.

She was hired on at my law firm to clean up my image, but I can’t stop thinking about the dirty, filthy things I’d like to do to her.

Like bend her over my desk. Or the conference table. Or the copy machine.

She’s fresh out of law school and too innocent to touch, and I know I’m supposed to stay away. I’m not supposed to notice the way her demure outfits hug her hotter-than-sin curves. I’m not supposed to react when she bites her lip and looks at me with those big, blue, f*ck-me eyes.

But how can I resist?

Maxwell Kane is almost my boss.

That means I shouldn’t spend every waking minute daydreaming about the naughty things I’d like to with my experienced, ruggedly handsome partner…things I’ve never tried before.

It’s my very first job out of law school, and tempting him could mean disaster for my career. For both our careers.

But I want him to bend me over his desk and make me his. I want him to show me how filthy love can get.

I want it too much to say no…






Maxwell and Emma. Holy hotness!


The chemistry between these two is blinding! It’s breathless, combustible, and emotionally charged with mutual attraction, an instant connection, and sweet romance. Emma accepts a job offer with Pierce & Harwood that positions her as a junior associate alongside her legal eagle crush Maxwell. Emma tries her best to remain professional, but Maxwell is unable to hide his physical attraction to the straight-laced appearing recent law grad. Soon, it takes every ounce of willpower for the two of them to keep their business and personal lives separate.


The story flows smoothly and steadily, and proves to be a captivating, fast-paced page-turner. Author Chloe Lane smartly blends more than just lust and sex – Maxwell is charmed by and attracted to Emma’s legal intelligence and brains, as well, and the two genuinely like and respect each other. Their engaging and complementary interaction and dialogue both in and out of the bedroom equaled the perfect recipe for love and a HEA.


Steamy. Sexy. Engrossing.


Original review posted on Amazon and Goodreads on March 24, 2017.


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