Rock Hard Daddy: A Single Dad and a Virgin Romance

Rock Hard Daddy: A Single Dad and a Virgin Romance

By Rye Hart

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars




My best friend’s daughter just told me she’s been saving her virginity for me – and it’s screwing with my head.
I have to say life as Conner Wilkes does have its perks.
I bang a new woman every week- no questions asked.
Though, being a single overprotective Dad means that I’ve always lived two lives – and it worked out just fine.
But now my best friend’s daughter walked back into my life – and I can’t get my head straight.
I want to own her. Dominate her. Teach her how to use her sweet assets.
Last I saw her, she was just a sweet sixteen year old and now she’s a twenty two year old temptress.
Those ocean blue eyes, full lips and long luscious legs leave me wondering if I’m being punished for all the crap I put women through in the past.
I can have any woman, but I want her.

Turning down an opportunity to take Chloe’s virginity will take every fiber of my being – I just hope I’ve got the self-restraint to do it.





When you jump into the saddle with this book, you’d better be ready to hang on tight, right to the finish. Heroine Chloe is a 22-year-old virgin who still nurses a crush on her dad’s BFF (it’s not as bad as you fear if you’re hesitant about the older guy/younger woman concept – he’s four years younger than her dad, who started his family early, so there’s only a measly 16-year age difference), a guy she hasn’t seen in six years. She has returned to her roots with her tail between her legs. She’s recently graduated from college and, through no lack of effort, ended up without a job. Her dad sets her up with a job with, who else, but the object of her crush, Connor. Lo’ and behold, the hot stud muffin himself (and widower), is confronted with the realization that sweet little Chloe is no longer his best friend’s little girl – she’s all grown up.


The storytelling is on cue, it’s steady and smooth, the desire between these two is palpable, and though the story itself seems rushed, it’s as much a result of the combination of energy, expertly scripted timing, and anticipation for what comes next, as it is how fast it all actually happens. The plot/storyline isn’t particularly deep, of course, and there is very little time to waste with story build-up, so don’t blink or you’ll miss the action. And it’s actually very erotic, seductive action: Chloe is the first woman since his late wife who Connor cares about, and once he mans up and accepts that he doesn’t plan to miss out on a good thing, which actually segues into my favorite scene in the book – when Connor decides to interrupt Chloe’s dance with Paul (“the guy her own age”) at the wedding reception – things really heat up, and Chloe finally experiences what she’s been hoping for and dreaming about since she turned 16. But what will happen when Alex – Connor’s best friend and Chloe’s dad – figures out how close the two most important people in his life really are with one another?


The most seamless and strongest part of the entire book was achieved the final few chapters – the quality and depth of story development, character growth, and relationship maturity – and using a plot device that could easily have been glossed over and not met its potential. Rock Hard Daddy was author Rye Hart storytelling at its best – entertaining, sexy, and enchanting – and showcases her ability to take a currently popular/trendy theme and make it original.


I voluntarily read and submitted a review of an Advanced Reader’s Copy.



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