Steal Me

Steal Me

By Riley Rollins

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars




I’ll work my way into her mind… then I’ll work my way into her delicious, passionate little body.

I’m a liar and a thief, here to steal everything Ana values most.

She’s tiny, while I’m twice her size.

It makes me hot as f*ck, just thinking of all the possibilities…

She’s soft and luscious. I’m as hard as the rocks I steal. Tiny, gorgeous and brilliant, she’s going to be the hottest jewel I’ve ever stolen. And, unlike an ice cold diamond, she’s going to scream my name… as I take her over and over again.

I’m in this to the end. Just don’t ask me to choose Ana’s heart, or that big blue diamond hanging around her neck?

Somehow, I’ve got to steal them both.



Each time I pick up a book written by author Riley Rollins, I’m rewarded with another five-star, spellbinding and magnificently crafted story that boasts steady-paced and seamlessly woven plots and sub-plots, steamy sex scenes, lust-worthy and intelligent heroes, independent yet endearing heroines, and a backstory/behind-the-scenes worth caring about. There is always lots of action, psychological drama, and emotional epiphanies for the bad boy, and strong secondary characters that help build up the story and drive it to a satisfying resolution, instead of simply weighing it down as the storyline’s scapegoat.

Steal Me captivates and holds the reader’s attention from start to finish, and experiencing the depth of the emotional connection Ana and Maxim share is almost as fulfilling for the reader as the hotter than h*ll sex scenes, the kind that make you want to dive into a cold plunge.

Rollins is one of those “doesn’t miss” authors – you can always count on her to deliver an original and intoxicating read. Every time.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader’s Copy.



Review originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads on March 18, 2017.


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