Step by Step

Step by Step

By K.C. Wells

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



Jamie’s life is one big financial mess, and it really isn’t his fault. However, the last thing he expected to find in the library was a Good Samaritan. He might have been suspicious of Guy’s motives at first, but it soon becomes apparent that his savior is a good man who has been lucky in life and is looking to pay it forward. Guy being gay is not a problem. Jamie’s not interested… or so he thinks.

Guy is happy to help Jamie, and the two men get along fine. But when Jamie’s curiosity leads him from one thing to another, Guy finds himself looking at the young man with new eyes. What started out as a hand up is now something completely different….




“Just one more chapter…” is what I kept finding myself thinking as I read this book. I simply didn’t want to stop reading, and I certainly didn’t want it to end.


Step by Step is one of the most well written books I have ever read. Period.


I’m rarely at a loss for words, written or spoken, but I am when it comes to articulating a review for this book. Here are the initial notes I jotted down about halfway through the book:


  • Written so well and framed so magnificently that the storyline seems plausible
  • Storytelling style is so engrossing, engaging, and addictive – steadily paced – I don’t want to stop reading it
  • Unique storyline
  • Delightful characterization
  • So descriptive
  • Not rushed
  • Build-up seems natural
  • So authentic when Guy has his first realization that Jamie was a man, and he looked at him as a man for the first time – even if it was in response to friend Tony’s piggish comments.


The second half of the book was just as good. I just felt completely, 100 percent, pulled into Guy’s and Jamie’s life. The intimacy was so tangible, as were their poignant emotions, genuine attraction, love and affection, and clear respect and admiration for one another. Their love-making scenes were so intense – I envy anyone who’s fortunate and blessed enough to be able to ever experience something so authentic and true whether in real life or in fiction.


Thank you, too, author K.C. Wells, for allowing Guy’s and Jamie’s relationship to evolve so naturally – it didn’t rely on angst but on real life-type, plausible situations, anxieties, vulnerabilities, and emotions, as well as realistic external influences and life occurrences. Secondary characters, such as John, Cole, Ryan (what an endearing – and colorful! – best friend), Carla and Brendan, Guy’s ex-wife Miranda, the memory of Steven, and even his jack*ss son, each in his/her own way, helped the reader truly get to know the various dimensions to Guy and Jamie individually and as a couple. Even though there were multiple characters, at no time does the reader feel overwhelmed or unable to identify how they thread into the story.


This was the first book of Wells’ that I’ve read, but I can’t imagine it will be the last. Step by Step, for me, will be one of those books against which all others will be measured. I didn’t want the book to come to an end, and I may do something that I’ve only done a handful of times in my 48 years – and that’s read a book the second time. It was amazing.


I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of Step by Step.


Review originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads on February 21, 2017.


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