By Melinda Minx

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars




Never stand between two brothers.
Especially when one’s a big bad lumberjack, and the other is blackmailing you.
I have to steal a priceless family ring—right off the lumberjack’s finger.
I’ll have to get close. Really close. Close enough to taste him.
I seduce him, I jack the ring, and I get away clean. Almost clean…

Jack Renshaw traded his family fortune away for a cabin in the woods and an axe in his hands. He’s a real man, one that craves honest work. When I see him in the mountains swinging that axe, I can’t help but notice how right his forearms look gripping that thick, hard wood.

Yeah, he might just be the perfect man. For someone else.

His half-brother Aldus is blackmailing me. He’s holding my sister hostage, and the only way to save her is to steal a precious family heirloom from right off Jack’s finger.

It should be easy. Stay calm. Control my feelings. Do what I have to do—and whatever I do—don’t fall for him.

I should have known nothing would ever be easy when it came to him. His hands are good for more than swinging an axe, and those calloused fingers feel just right against my skin. I only have to give him one night. It’s not real. I’m just doing what I need to save my sister.

I don’t look back, at least not until I realize he’s put a little lumberjack inside of me.



Jack is your typical alpha stud muffin, who just happens to be a career lumberjack. He and a couple buddies get steered into competing in a lumberjack competition for a chance at winning a large cash prize and bragging rights… and a prime opportunity to latch onto hot women for some sizzling one-night stands while they’re out on the town living it up in a swanky hotel.


Meanwhile, Elisabeth is the lucky lady who catches Jack’s eye, but it’s more than a coincidence. Elisabeth is actually scoping Jack out to steal a ring he wears around his neck. If she steals the ring and delivers it back to her sister Jane’s abusive beau, he’ll leave her alone by kicking her to the street for Elisabeth to save. Elisabeth does succeed in her quest to seduce Jack, but she isn’t prepared to discover she is attracted to him – and after a night of mind-blowing sex, she nabs the ring and runs off. Four years later, fate (or luck) brings the two face-to-face with one another, but it also unites Jack with his son, the child he didn’t know he had.


Author Melinda Minx delivers another spell-binding tale blending chemically and emotionally charged romantic attraction, a creative plot with unexpected twists and turns, action, characters with personality and wit, and well-constructed relationships. The experience Jack shares with Noah in the wilderness was tender and well-scripted, and it set the stage for the eventual HEA.

Original review posted on Amazon and Goodreads on March 3, 2017.


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