Riding Dirty: Luciotti Crime Family (A Bad Boy Mafia Romance)

Riding Dirty: Luciotti Crime Family (A Bad Boy Mafia Romance)

By Kara Hart

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



You want to play rough? Be careful what you wish for.


Do I want to end up with a guy like Lucas? Hell no. I’m the type of girl who won’t take sh*t from an arrogant gangster like Lucas Luciatti.

When he looks my way, I should be scared. Instead, I’m curious.

I came to this town to escape, not to get pulled into another man’s grasp. If my ex-boyfriend was bad, this guy is drop-to-your-knees and open-wide-for-me, bad…

I will not be a mob wife. That is not in my plan. But I don’t know how long I can keep saying no.

Even if I did, you think he’d really give a damn?


My two obsessions? P*ssy and the streets. For a guy like me, women are a dime a dozen. Sure, I’ve been told I’m a prick. The Don thinks I need to settle down. F*ck that.

Then I met her…

When I lay my eyes on that one woman who makes my c*ck harder than I can stand, I don’t f*ck around. I go after her as if she’s already mine. I’m not leaving without her taste in my mouth.

I won’t let anyone stop me, especially not that psychotic ex-boyfriend of hers.

I’ll show her how dirty I can get. I’ll stop when she begs. Maybe.




I really enjoyed both the storyline and the characters. Reflecting on the storyline, plot and sub-plots after finishing the book, kudos to author Kara Hart for pulling together a full slate of well-developed characters that each added substance and weren’t boring cookie cutter-type types thrown in to fill up space or make the reader feel like it was a checklist of things waiting to happen.

Hart did a magnificent job with the character of Lucas: his evolution from the start of the book until the end was brilliant. At times, Dahlia seemed a bit harsh towards Lucas, or at least more than seemed necessary considering that she really was attracted to him from the word ‘go’. Jen, Dahlia’s daughter, was a solid supporting character and added another layer to the storyline, as did Carmelo; I admit, I was a bit surprised by some of his actions as the story came to a head. Lucas’s brother Ricky – might he earn himself a story, too? I’m thinking Hart could really grind some gravel with that one – was hard to like, yet he and Lucas did have a solid brotherly bond, all things considered, and he experiences his own evolution as the story progressed.

The plot and sub-plot was relatable, I thought, and even though some pieces of the puzzle fell into line pretty straightforwardly, Hart also wove in a few surprises to keep things interesting. And the HEA/epilogue? Loved it with a capital L – and that’s all I’m going to say about it.

(Spoiler alert/just wondering) The only thing I wasn’t convinced was portrayed maybe as seamlessly as it could have been was the backstory on Dahlia. I didn’t necessarily get the impression that she had been a drug addict herself (which was how one of the guys Lucas knocked up for information on Cade described her), even though I was clear that Cade had physically abused her. I also must have missed the timeline since Jen could recall her dad taking walks with them yet Dahlia was supposed to have taken Jen away when she was a baby. One would think if Jen had witnessed her dad beating her mother so shamelessly, she wouldn’t have been quite so quick to go with him.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
An American dressed in a black running suit was assumed either CIA or FBI by the Spaniards. Fun fact: I’m worse than both combined.


Right when I sat next to him, I broke down and cried. “I don’t know what’s going on anymore,” I said. “I’ve got to be the worst mother in history to lose my child to my ex-boyfriend. And then I meet you and you’re,” I hesitated to finish, wiping my eyes. “Well, you’re you. A gangster. And I thought maybe I could trust you. But I can’t trust anyone. They all just lie and let me down.”


He put his arm around me and I soon found myself falling into his chest. It was comforting. His scent, warmth, and strength fit me like a missing puzzle piece. I hadn’t felt that way before. Not even with Cade.


“You’re the strongest woman I’ve ever met,” he said. “And even if you cast me out like the rest of society, I’ll always be grateful I met you.”


Favorite part?

I really liked how Hart had Lucas admit his feelings first, not only to himself but also to Dahlia. I also really liked how Lucas engaged so comfortably with Dahlia’s daughter, and actually how domestic he was all things considered. He turned out to be a really likable guy.



Original review posted on Amazon and Goodreads on July 30, 2016.


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