More than Luck (Legendary Pairs Book 2)

More than Luck (Legendary Pairs Book 2)

By Casey Cameron

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars




It’s never too late to play for keeps.

Drey Harper isn’t looking for love; he had more than enough heartbreak after a betrayal cost him everything five years ago. Now at 40, he’s the art director for the hit collectible card game Legendary Pairs. Between long hours at work and countless anonymous hookups, Drey’s life seems pretty full…until the day he meets Lucas Cho.

In the world of Legendary Pairs, 24-year-old Lucas Cho is a superstar. He plays for big money and parties like a rock star, and his arrogant swagger gets him what he wants, at the gaming table or in bed. But when a chance encounter with Drey in a crowded bar leaves him wanting more, all his fortune and skills count for nothing.

The company thinks Lucas’s glamorous playboy lifestyle is good for business, but it’s going too far–Lucas is spinning out of control, and Drey has been sent to clean up the mess and save Lucas’s sponsorship. With a major tournament coming up and Lucas’s contract with Legendary Pairs on the line, it’s up to Drey to keep him out of the bottle and walking that line.

For Lucas, the stakes have never been higher, but the game he’s playing has nothing to do with cards and everything to do with the stoic older man who’s captured his attention. Drey knows a relationship between them is out of the question–Lucas is too young, too reckless, too broken–but the more time he spends in Lucas’s company, the more he wants the beautiful disaster he knows he shouldn’t have.





Casey Cameron is a new author to me, but boy!, and I glad I had the opportunity to voluntarily read and review an Advanced Reader’s Copy of More than Luck.


What started out as an explosive exchange at a club between two complete opposites quickly escalated into a lustful and heated foray that ended without release on either side, only a ruined evening. The remnants of the cast-off lingered, though, evolving into fantasies and lingering thoughts on the part of both men. Each came to the same conclusion: he’s not my type, so why can’t I stop thinking about him?


Drey’s and Lucas’s journey to love was littered with tension, denial, missteps, and doubt, but it was also filled with flirtatious fun and teasing, compassion, self-reflection, and honest to goodness love. When these two finally hit the sheets, the connection is simply combustible. The sex is emotionally intense, the type to bring a couple to tears because it’s so raw, heartfelt, and mind-shattering. Thank goodness Lucas’s persistence is as strong as his energy level is high! The scenes are, simply stated, so very real, it’s almost as if you can feel their hearts beating off the pages.


A few things struck me about this book. The characterization was almost 3-D: the reader gets a complete picture and understanding of the main characters, both past and present, through smooth and masterful storytelling and reminiscing that’s neither forced nor contrived. The storyline – and history – about and between these two builds naturally, and the reader doesn’t feel rushed or cheated, but instead engaged and invested in what happens.


The reader may feel overwhelmed by the card playing background (unless it’s in your wheelhouse of knowledge), but there’s really no reason to: sufficient insight is provided, and the story is focused exactly where it belongs, on Drey’s and Lucas’s evolving relationship.


Author Casey Cameron delivers a very well written and thoroughly developed love story, and without the angst. It has heart and soul, and substance and depth, and it’s not the traditional “hook-up turned into head over heels” romance. These two have to work at it, and even though deep down they both feel the draw, their individual flaws, conflicts, and personal turmoil still pose a threat. Drey and Lucas do find one another, though, and under Cameron’s direction, it was one beautiful, must-read romance.


Original review posted on Amazon and Goodreads on February 16, 2017.


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