Protecting the Soul: Souls of Chicago Series

Protecting the Soul: Souls of Chicago Series

By Annabella Michaels

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars




For Landon Greene, managing the band Carter’s Creed is more than just a job. It also means being there to keep his brother safe. When someone begins sending threatening letters to Carter, Landon feels overwhelmed with the need to protect him. He’s relieved when new security is added, until he finds out that the person hired to protect his brother is the same man Landon has spent months trying to forget.
Micah Hamilton recently moved back to Chicago to start his own security firm and to be closer to his best friend, Giovanni. He’s ready to leave his past as a Navy SEAL behind and settle into his new life, but his plans change when a friend calls and asks him for a favor. There’s no way Micah can refuse the request, even though he knows it will require him to face the one man he’s vowed to stay away from.
Can Landon and Micah put their differences aside in time to save Carter or will their pride leave him at the mercy of a madman? Will they continue to resist the undeniable chemistry between them or will they take a chance and possibly find the greatest love they’ve ever known?





Intense. Poignant. Sexy. Tough. Beautiful. Daring. Perfect. It’s love that sears the soul.


Good God, author Annabella Michaels can hit one grand slam after another. Protecting the Soul is another 10 on a five-star scale. It’s one of those books for which it’s really difficult to feel like you can do justice with a review. It’s one you just slap on the “must read, you won’t be disappointed” label, and then sigh heavily.


In Protecting the Soul, Landon finally has his turn at finding love, and it’s with none other than brother-in-law Giovanni’s man-hunk ex-SEAL best friend Micah. How two characters can be so custom-made for one another, even through painfully navigating their individual flaws, vulnerabilities, and demons, only to come out stronger on the other side, is a testament to Michaels’ talent as an author. The reader can’t help but feel like part of their story, sensing and experiencing each and every emotion, movement, thought, and fear. The plot twists and turns are so brilliantly played, and the action scenes and jolting eclipses into Micah’s past are emotionally gut-wrenching. The love scenes, though? Touching. Explosive. Tender. Vulnerable. Exhilaratingly satisfying.


Scorching hot doesn’t even come close to describing Micah and Landon. It’s more like they smolder – their flame is one that burns eternal.


I’m absolutely head-over-heels in love with Michaels’ writing style and her storytelling prowess. This series is like the best friend ever: intimately comfortable, familiar, loving, and simply put… completely everything you could ever want and need.




Original review posted on Amazon and Goodreads on February 16, 2017.



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