BARRED: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

BARRED: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

By Linnea May

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars




She may have good reason to stand clear of men like me.
But I will make her mine.

I am my own man. I’ve always done things differently, and I’m sure as hell not going to end up like my brother – tamed and chained up to one woman.

This won’t change, even when that petite ballerina stumbles into my arms like a helpless deer.

Sara may embody the pure and innocent swan on stage, but this blue eyed doll can’t hide the little nymph she really is. I crave her lithe and lissom body like no other.

She’s scared and careful, always keeping me at arm’s length – which makes me want her even more.

This little swan will dance just for me.





Lux and Sarah are a vibrant couple. Though they are so very different from one another – Sara is a risk-averse good girl (with an attraction to bad boys), lives a modest life, and is talented and passionate about ballet, while wealthy ex-con Lux thrives on risky business, doesn’t embrace the arts, or long-term relationships – together they balance and complement one another perfectly.


Women are only play things to Lux, but he becomes enchanted with Sara when he attends the ballet to return her phone that she left at his apartment after a one-night stand that she can’t remember, and witnesses her genuine passion for dance, and soon he only has eyes for her. After returning her phone, he whisks Sara away for an intimate evening – one that she’ll remember this time, literally and figuratively – and from that point on, even though neither are looking for love or a relationship, they soon come to realize they fulfill each other’s needs.


These two are a smart, attractive, and chemically intense pair – in bed and out. Author Linnea May does a magnificent job of portraying Lux’s and Sara’s growth individually and as a couple, dynamically merging their differences and flaws. While Sara is slowly taming the bad boy, Lux challenges her to take the risk of showcasing her talent by considering alternatives to her present dance company. When Lux’s friend and former partner-in-crime makes an unexpected appearance, will Sara walk away for good? Is Lux willing to change his ways? Anticipate a couple of unexpected plot twists in typical May style, and a delightfully scripted HEA reminiscent of his brother’s HEA in TAMED.


A charming read with smooth story flow – emotionally driven, romantic, and very well written. Enjoyed the cameo appearances of Kingston and Elodie.


Original review posted on Amazon and Goodreads on February 11, 2017.


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