WRATH: A Bad Boy and Amish Girl Romance (The Brody Bunch Book 3)

WRATH: A Bad Boy and Amish Girl Romance (The Brody Bunch Book 3)

By Sienna Valentine

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



Danger, violence, and very steamy encounters…

It’s not easy growing up in the shadow of a legacy.

My father built one of the biggest MCs around only to have it all fall apart when he was arrested.

The once feared Brody name was now just a label used to identify us as troublemakers.

But while my siblings wanted to change that reputation, I was ready to embrace it.

I was even considering taking over dad’s throne and rebuilding it all from scratch.

But that was before Beth entered my life and completely changed everything I thought I knew.

She was a pure and innocent Amish girl, anxious for new experiences and adventures.

And she had somehow captured my heart…

Once I fell for her, there was no going back.

Even when danger seemed to come from every direction.

Even with the odds stacked impossibly against us.

I knew I had to save Beth, because she was the only one that could save me.



As much as I enjoyed Pride, the story of Sarah and Reid and thought Reid was ‘da bomb’ – and then somehow missed Ash’s story with Hannah – I was captivated and pleasantly surprised by the gem younger brother Wyatt turned out to be! And Beth was a spunky and adventurous girl who really complemented Wyatt. The Brody Bunch are quite the trio, and the Smith girls are certainly lucky ladies!

Author Sienna Valentine hits a homerun with this one – she does a magnificent job of tying together the final book in the series by telling the story from the perspective of Wyatt and Beth. We’ve already come to know the other characters in the book, but we get a down close and personal view of Wyatt and Beth. They’re both rather practical and down-to-earth for being the youngest in each family, and they’re both able to look deeper into themselves beyond quick judgments to figure out the big picture. This final book in the trilogy also offers some closure in the story surrounding Amos Miller, the girls’ father, and their mother, offers an opportunity for the brothers’ bond to strengthen, and delivers the full impact of well plotted twists and turns that weren’t obvious in the other books in the series.

If there was anything missing, it was a glimpse into the future beyond the final announcement in the last chapter. I was hoping to get a “what’s next” for Beth and Wyatt because these two seem to have what it takes to have a long-term successful relationship. Beth and Wyatt seemed so real, and the evolution of their relationship seemed natural, from their date at the fair and how Wyatt scolded himself for trying to impress her the wrong way to how they could be themselves around one another. What a treat to read about a couple with genuine trust for one another, and they’re not afraid to be vulnerable and explore instinctually instead of just doing what’s expected. Now that was steamy.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


“Me, too,” Reid agreed, rubbing his still-healing nose. “Anyway, that’s what brothers do; we look out for each other. Someone messes with one of us, or even one of our girls, then they get the full might of the Brody bunch raining down on them. Now let’s go get Beth back.”


Favorite part?

I actually liked Beth. I typically don’t get too worked up over a heroine and only like the hero, but this couple worked for me. Wyatt was a true charmer, and Beth was as true as they come.



Original review posted on Amazon and Goodreads on August 2, 2016.


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