Filthy Professor: A Bad Boy Professor Romance

Filthy Professor: A Bad Boy Professor Romance

By Amy Brent
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars




That’s it, I can’t stand it anymore! I’ve spent months trying to get Professor Logan Clark to notice me.  I dress sexy, I gaze into his eyes, I lick my lips when he looks at me.  I want to get him out of his classroom and out of his clothes for a little private, one-on-one tutoring…


COURTNEY SHAW:  I’m a smoking hot red head with a sex drive that would make a porn star blush and a major daddy complex.  Older men are my thing, and lots of them have sampled the sweet treats I have in my panties.  So why isn’t Logan Clark jumping at the chance to be with me?  Even after our little oral exam in the restroom he keeps pushing me away.  Is this his idea of torture?  Well, two can play at that game…


LOGAN CLARK:  Damn this girl, doesn’t she understand that there are rules against professors having sex with students, no matter how smoking hot and sexy they are? She doesn’t seem to care that screwing her could get me fired.  I’m not going to risk my job just to have sex with her.  No way.  Not even after she drops a wet thong on my desk and shows up naked at my door.  I’ve worked too hard to get where I am at this school. I’m not going blow it all for her. At least that’s what I keep telling myself…





This is one “filthy” book: dirty thoughts, dirty deeds, dirty talk, and downright dirty storytelling.


First and foremost, author Amy Brent earned an A+ in writing – she impressed me with her descriptions and analogies. This element alone kept me engrossed because it made things seem so real and relatable – under another author’s pen, the story could have been flat, boring (merely going through the “motions”), and status quo (this wasn’t exactly a new story premise). Frankly, Brent threads together a fairly seamless story, start to finish, for both Courtney and Logan. The story was fast-paced – right down to when they consummated their union – foreplay seemed to come post-coital when they had their first “real” dialogue/conversation.


It was a teasing-type of twist when Logan gets called out on his “fraternization” with a student by a scorned mistress and his future at the university was handed over to the ethics committee. One of his colleagues – and drinking buddies – is commissioned to deliver the verdict, and he takes the opportunity to review a lesson with Logan that he had originally shelled out to him.


The HEA (epilogue) is not the typical HEA, but it fits and was heartwarmingly appropriate – feel good in a simple but refreshingly and actually realistic way. What started out as a potentially jeopardizing and reckless action on Courtney’s part with a pretty shallow character in Logan, turned into a real-life drama based on making life choices, lessons learned, and never being too old – or too young – to get on the right track.


I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.


Review originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads on February 5, 2017.


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