Dirty Ransom: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

Dirty Ransom: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

By Amelia Wilde

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



I’m robbing him blind, but he stole my heart.

Jett Brandon is an arrogant pr*ck who deserves his bad boy reputation. His hard, chiseled body and cocky smile look like they came right out of a magazine. He’s completely irresistible, and what’s more? He knows it.

Money’s the love of his life. He lets women have a taste of him for a night or two…right up until they get emotional. He doesn’t have time for that sh*t.

Until her.

Angelica Chandler is wrong for him on every level. She’s a gorgeous small-town girl who should be staying as far away from his bed as possible, not playing head games with him.

Not tempting fate, and not playing with fire.

But she’s got a dirty secret that won’t release her from its grip—and it has them both on a collision course for heartbreak.

He’s the last man she should have anything to do with, but seducing him is her one chance at survival.

That is, unless he seduces her first…




Oh. My. Gawd.


Author Amelia Wilde outdid herself with this one. As much as I have been enraptured by the other three books in Wilde’s “Dirty” series, this one is a scorcher and my favorite so far. What do I like most about this book? Chemistry – the palpable kind, the kind that melts through steel. Steam and sizzle – the kind we all wish we had, for real. Story plot is an A+, and Wilde does her usual thorough job of covering all the bases to make it flow logically and steadily, as well as to appear realistic and plausible. For those readers who seemed overly anxious about never learning why Angelica’s brother owed so much money, did it really matter? Wasn’t he simply a plot tool to frame the story’s events? The story itself was really about Angelica and Jett, and boy, that didn’t disappoint!


Angelica is a loving and loyal sister, but she’s tested beyond her wildest dreams when she comes face to face with Jett Brandon, the guy she’s supposed to set-up to steal from to spare her brother. Jett – who has had the tables turned on him by his ex, Emerald – turns out to be a pretty decent all-around guy, all things considered. He’s rather atypical compared to many “bad boy billionaires” – he’s willing to do right by both his heart and that southernmost-positioned brain to fall in love and be with Angelica – and willing to forgive her. Jett actually seemed intelligent and mature about the big picture in the end. Plain and simple, these two fell in love, and Angelica – who was stuck choosing between the two people who she loved the most – admitted doing wrong even if it meant losing Jett. Will he forgive her so they can have a HEA?


As usual, Wilde delivers a steady-paced read with steaming hot sex, sizzling chemistry, a cleverly framed plot with intriguing twists, and well-developed and likable characters. Five thumbs up!


Review originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads on October 11, 2016.




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