By Sierra Riley

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars




“Can’t you see I need help?”
“What the hell is wrong with me?”

Detective Steven Mason was in his prime. From the Army to the NYPD, he gave it his all, until a stray bullet from a rookie cop put his whole life on hold. After all the surgeries to patch his shoulder back together, Steve’s only chance at holding a gun and a shield again lie with his physiotherapist – the guy Steve bailed on back in college

“You did this, and you’re going to have to be the one to fix it.”

Adam Little lives the perfect life. New York’s best physiotherapist, he runs a private practice and rents a fancy new apartment overlooking the Hudson river. He gets what he needs from hook-ups and goes right back to work the next day. Except today. Today hurts. Today is the day Steve Mason walks back into his life, and Adam isn’t ready to forgive him.

“I am your best hope.”

Parted by fear, bound together by need, both men must overcome their pain if they’re to find a better future. But can they work together to truly heal the scars of the past, or will their deep-seated wounds tear them apart forever?





Savior is another well-written and satisfying read from author Sierra Riley. Adam and Steve seemed to be more reserved with expressing their emotions and pushing their relationship forward than Riley’s couples usually are. The connection between these two is pure and genuine, even though their history and memories could very easily cloud the potential for achieving future happiness. Fortunately, Adam’s professional sensibilities, training, and strict ethics lead him to continue serving as Steve’s physiotherapist, and it effectively sets the stage for these two star-crossed lovers and former best friends to reconnect as friends and eventually pick up where they left off more than a decade ago.


Riley tosses in a few realistic sub-plots to help sew the story together – the jealous colleague, the PTSD resulting from Steve’s shooting, and the debate tournament (something scholarly for a nice change of pace!) – and Riley does a masterful job of threading together the steps Steve has to take on his healing journey. It’s easy for the reader to dismiss Steve as an emotionless, cold, and heartless type of guy, especially considering how opposite he seems to Adam (opposites do attract!), but the truth is, Steve is lost and needs an anchor, needs a northern star. He has always had that – in Adam.


What sells this story is the dual POV, and it’s the type of story you’re not convinced you like or even enjoy until it’s over…and that’s when you realize the author has pulled you in, hook, line, and sinker to a realistic love – and life – story.


(originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads, December 28, 2016)


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