Bad Girl: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance (Valetti Crime Family Book 4)

Bad Girl: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance (Valetti Crime Family Book 4)

By Willow Winters

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



She’s too good for me, but that’s not gonna stop me from taking her.

I’m not a good man, but I’ve never claimed to be. I’m the muscle for the Valetti crime family, and I fit the part with my hard, ripped abs, broad shoulders and cocky attitude.

I’ve never wanted for anything, until I met her… A woman I can never have.

She’s forbidden. Just being seen together would put a target on both our backs.

I can’t help imagining those lush, sassy lips wrapped around the one part of me that doesn’t give a damn she’s off-limits.

All I wanted was a taste of her tempting, forbidden curves. One moment of hot, wild passion, and I’m f*cking addicted.

Everything and everyone else be damned. I’m making her mine.


Tommy’s well-scripted and –developed characterization actually turned out a bit surprising to me, but in a positive way. He was strong and protective, as I assumed he’d be, as well as a devastatingly magnificent lover, but his softness was above and beyond what I anticipated. Author Willow Winters did a brilliant job of capturing Tommy’s multifaceted essence and allowing me, as the reader, to absorb it – he felt real. (Can I wake up to him beside me, please, so we can have our own HEA?) Tonya was strong, independent, smart and resilient, but she was also vulnerable and easy for me to relate to.
Tommy and Tonya actually are a couple I can root for: they are intelligent and realistic to boot. These two have genuine love and affection that transcends beyond physical lust and attraction, and the reader should be able to glean that almost simultaneously with the attraction component. Anthony’s comments about actually being jealous of what his brother has with Tonya is a nice segue into his story (which I haven’t read yet), and it was a relief that Vincent came around in his thinking (uh, Vincent, have you forgotten YOUR start with Elle?).


The fast-paced plot is based on two people who shouldn’t be together – one is mafia muscle, the other is a cop – but they disregard the “why we can’t” for “why it needs to work.”


Review originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads on October 12, 2016.



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