Cabin Love

Cabin Love

By Hayden Hunt

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars




I’ve given up on love.

Well, there it is, another failed relationship. And right before Christmas time, too. After breaking up with my boyfriend, the only thing I want to do is get out of town and have some time to myself. Thankfully, my best friend Jake has a cabin that I can go to for the weekend.

Except that Jake forgot that the cabin already has been booked for the weekend. So I’m pretty surprised when I go up there and find Chris relaxing in the cabin. And I drove four hours to get here! Thankfully, Chris is nice enough to let me stay the night so I don’t have to drive home in bad weather.

But when I wake up the next morning and we’re completely snowed in, one night together turns into the entire weekend and we get to know each other a lot better than I originally intended. And it doesn’t take long for me to realise I’m crushing on him hard.

This isn’t the vacation I planned for.

Honestly, I was happy when James came up to the cabin unexpectedly. I’d been having a pretty boring vacation and somebody else around definitely kept things more interesting.

Of course, I wasn’t expecting us to get snowed in together. But if you have to be locked in a cabin with another person, this is the guy to do with it. He’s smart, funny, warm, and very cute. He seems a little hesitant to admit he likes me too, but that won’t stop me from pursuing something with him.

I have the feeling that this is the start to something more. I know it’s soon, but he really seems like the guy for me.





Cabin Love is a sweet love story, and the storyline itself is quaint, cozy and not overly deep and anguished, aside from James’ self-deprecating – though understandable and relatable – nature. Chris, the other half of the couple, is extroverted and charismatic and brings a much-needed and sweet balance to James. The couple may have met in an unexpected way, but they clicked from the start and readily took the chance to jump full-force into a serious relationship. Though the story was sweet and romantic, it seemed to lack substance – the dialogue seemed to circle around and around, and the reader was only given a small taste of how these two people came to really know one another, fall in love, and experience their HEA. Maybe it was too rushed? brushed over? Some characterizations of the blizzard seemed unrealistic, too, though it served to advance the story. The epilogue/HEA was very well done, and was my favorite part of the book.


I voluntarily read an Advanced Review Copy of this book.




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