Her Fiery Viking: A Paranormal Romance (Her Elemental Viking Book 1)

Her Fiery Viking: A Paranormal Romance (Her Elemental Viking Book 1)

By A.J. Tipton

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



A thousand-year-old Viking with a curse. A feisty vixen with a fiery passion. What happens when they turn up the heat?

A thousand years ago, Mikkel and his family were cursed. The Viking has spent all that time with a temper that gets so hot, he literally bursts into flames… and he’s learned to cope with the tragedy of the results. Now he’s working as a demolition specialist by day and a playboy by night, never letting anyone get too close.

Joanna is a smart, sexy engineer who’s had it with all the sexual harassment she’s received on the job. When she practically explodes into Mikkel’s life, the heat they feel is undeniable. But just when things begin to sizzle between them, they’re faced with a challenge neither of them saw coming. Will their passion lead to blazing romance, or will they both go down in flames?



The storyline and plot of this novella are solid, the characterization is well-developed for both the main and secondary players, and the overarching paranormal/supernatural twist has been expertly woven into the fabric of the work in just the right doses. At no time did the story seem unbelievable or fabricated.


I read the book in one sitting, finding myself drawn in from the first few pages. And the story went fast – it’s steadily paced, leaving the reader fully invested, hanging on tight to find out what happens next – there is no time to become bored or lost. Mikkel and Joann are complex and independent characters, each floundering in his/her own way, to manage their respective anger issues. Not only is their anger in danger of combusting at the drop of a hat, but so is their chemistry. (And the sex outright sizzles.) Love is indeed the most powerful elixir – its healing properties are timeless – no curse, ill will or evil can match it.


Her Fiery Viking is an ingenious, entertaining, engaging and fast-paced read that’s well-written and boasts a refreshing and creative storyline – it’s not the same old thing you’ve read time and again. The reader will finish the book wearing a smile and be left wondering how the book could be finished already! You’ll quickly be searching to find out what else this author duo has published.


Review originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads on October 12, 2016.


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