Kane: A Dirty Mafia Short Story


By Beth Wynne

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



I’m not the guy everyone talks about, most don’t even know me – and when they meet me things only go one way. It takes skill to do what I do, and even at that, skill alone isn’t enough. The McCauley’s are in trouble, so they’ve called me in for help… they should have called sooner. Even the mob need someone when things get tough.

A quick read, this novella features Kane and Erin. Erin goes out for the evening to get over losing her job, and when her hustler friend Mae leaves her alone at the bar, she strikes up a conversation with Kane. He’s in town for the next few days on family business and is attracted to Erin’s authentic sexiness. A one-night stand turns out to be in the cards for the pair, but they both feel something more. Is there a chance it could last a bit longer than just one night? A few unexpected twists get stirred into the story during their morning-after conversation – and I’ll admit that they took me a bit by surprise and I pride myself on typically figuring these sorts of things out (so kudos to Author Beth Wynne for fooling me!) – and the reader will be left wondering – and hoping, I might add! – that there may be more to Kane’s and Erin’s story in the future. Erin is smart, independent, likable and real, and Kane – even though he’s 100 percent mafia – seems to be a sincere guy (“I’m not a womanizer”) when it comes to Erin. His protective nature already is rearing its head in the final chapter.


Kane is a fast-paced, fun and sexy read, and those twists and turns in the last chapter leave the reader wanting more. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader’s Copy.


Review originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads on October 12, 2016.


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