Riding Wood

Riding Wood

By Vanessa Waltz and Abigail Graham

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars




I’m stuck in the woods with a mountain man. And he wants to make a baby!
I got lost in the forest and met the man of my dreams. Lucas Wood is six-feet of strapping, hot, lumberjack. One look at him chopping firewood, sweaty muscles flexing, and mmmmm. Then he saw me. Our eyes met, and my panties melted.

I want to give him my v-card, but he won’t touch me until I agree to be his wife.

Good thing we’re stuck in this log cabin with only one way to keep warm…


She took my wood. I’ll keep her.
I thought a sign and a forest would be enough to keep people away, but she trespassed on my land and took pictures without my permission… and she’s gorgeous.

Sweet, innocent Alexa wandered onto my property, her head filled with big dreams. I’m a recluse—a mountain man who’s been alone for too long. I need a woman to keep me company, and Alexa’s perfect.

All she wanted was my wood to keep her warm. I’ll give it to her and make her my wife. She’s the one I’ve been waiting for.

Alexa’s good girl days are officially over.





What this book lacked in length, it more than made up for in its refreshing storyline, captivating and well-developed characters, and descriptive writing. I feel compelled to applaud the author duo on their writing because it was superb – they went above and beyond to make the experience real for their readers, from so palpably describing visual attributes to noting the type of magazine the art store owner was reading to indirectly describe that character, to the analogies threaded throughout the book, it’s an A+.


The storyline had no loose ends, and the art angle was well looped throughout. Though I’m sure at least one reviewer will squawk about the instant feelings between these two – love at first sight, literally – the slow, evolving build-up (though, yeah, only over a few days’ time, but what a few days it was!) created an entirely different kind of suspense. I was intrigued and impressed by how the authors created Lucas, and found it attractively satisfying and refreshing: he wants a wife and a family, and though he is lustfully intoxicated by Alexa, he doesn’t take advantage of her or the situation, regardless of how hard she pushes. He wants to be her first, but more importantly, he wants to be her last. Now THAT was hot.


And a high-five to Waltz and Graham for not building in plot-driving scenes of angst and disconnect (you know, the break-up so we can get back together thing), which I was dreading would transpire when Alexa’s friend Jessica dropped by and Lucas heard her accusing Alexa of hooking up knowingly with the famous artist for a chance at landing a gallery.


Lucas loves fully, and he and Alexa make the perfect pair. The happiness and depth of heartfelt emotion these two share is almost tangible through the pages.


Riding Wood is a quick, well-written, light-hearted and sexy read. (P.S. Though it’s a great play on story elements, the book itself is much deeper and more satisfying than the blurb leads you to believe — the blurb actually doesn’t match the book very much at all.)


I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader Copy and submitted a review.


Review originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads on January 25, 2017.


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