Only His: A Second Chance Romance (Second Chances Book 2)

Only His: A Second Chance Romance (Second Chances Book 2)

By Amelia Wilde

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars




I have everything, but I still want him.

Crosby King was my high school boyfriend, a tough jock with a wiseass smile and a ripped body. He was all wrong for me. I was going places, and he didn’t give a sh*t about anything.

That didn’t stop me from wanting to be his.

And I was his, right up until he broke my heart and disappeared.

I couldn’t get over him. One more look at him, and I don’t want to.

She still belongs to me.

I’m a bad guy, but Lacey O’Collins loved me anyway. I was just too dangerous to be around a gorgeous, innocent woman like her.

I didn’t want to f*ck up her life, so I ruined my own life instead.

I never expected to see her again. Now that she’s back in town for good, it’s going to be a thousand times harder to pretend she isn’t still mine.

The stakes are too high. But I can’t stay away…





Author Amelia Wilde delivers another heartfelt, emotional read with Lacey’s and Crosby’s story. The chemistry between these two is electrically charged, even after being apart for several years. When they cross paths upon Lacey’s return to Lockton to complete her residency in the ER at the local hospital, the reader is treated to a fast-turning, rotating door of tenderness, anxiety, sizzle and steam, gut-wrenching drama and uncertainty, stubbornness, and above all, endearing love. The supporting characters – namely Crosby’s friend – add an entertaining element to the equation, and it’s pretty easy to imagine these scenes playing out in real life in front of us.


Lacey could be rather thick-skulled at times, even though she may have considered herself independent, and it nearly costs her everything when she decides to ignore Crosby’s warning to stay home from work instead of heading out during a blizzard. Lacey finally realizes Crosby has only ever loved her and would do anything – even die for her – to keep her safe and protected.


These two have a realistic relationship, and their feelings for one another are genuine and strong and resilient enough to transcend nearly any and all obstacles, even after eight excruciatingly long and lonely years apart. The sweet HEA is nothing short of the fairytale most girls dream about, and definitely perfect for Crosby and Lacey.


(originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads, December 28, 2016)


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