Thrust: A Bad Boy MC Romance

Thrust: A Bad Boy MC Romance

By Kara Hart

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars




Come on, Kitten. Let’s go for a ride.

There’s no taming a man like me. From day one, I’ve led a hard life. Power? That’s my middle name. My crew runs this town. Control? Don’t even get me started. The only thing I live for more than riding is hearing a woman scream my name.

It’s a damn shame. I never stay for pillow talk.

But when Georgia brings her delicious peach over to my porch, I can’t let go. I please her in every way possible. I kiss her. I touch her. I taste her. And I sure as hell don’t let up.

Of course, she’s as feisty as they come. She doesn’t want to end up with a bad guy like me. I honor our agreement. Just one night of debauchery. That’s it. But I can’t stop thinking about those darling freckles, or the way she squints her nose when she’s embarrassed, or those beautiful hazel eyes…

I’m going to make her mine. I’m going to take her as my own.

When she sees me again, it’s going to be in a whole new light. She’s witnessed too much and the rest of the gang wants her dead, but I have a better idea. To keep her alive, she’ll have to be my prisoner. But that ain’t all…

She’s going to marry me and join the family.




Thank you, author Kara Hart, for giving us a mature-acting and likeable 35-year-old female character: a real woman with a real body who has lived through some unsettling things already (a bad marriage, divorce, less than perfect childhood/upbringing with some white collar gambling addictions and abuse). She is jaded a bit and untrusting of men for realistic and relatable reasons, yet she has the guts to “live a little”, even though she experiences and has to survive some intimidating and harrowing situations.


The harsh and brash portrayal of the Hunter MC was also a bit startling, especially when most books in this genre glamorize or romanticize the MC characters and lifestyle. It certainly coated the plotline with dark undertones and didn’t just offer Rowan a free ticket to martyrdom. Rowan and Georgia certainly had to navigate their way through a minefield and a lot of stuff, yet they seemed to do it logically (I chalk it up to them not being young twenty-somethings with blinders on and no life experience), and the emotional component added to the lust quotient was well-balanced, in my opinion. The reader can see/believe the evolution/growth really happening in their relationship.


Would I change anything? Probably it’s just me, but I had a hard time following the big fight scene, and those hot, steamy sex scenes? Yes, they were dream-worthy, but there were a couple times I wasn’t sure which one was doing what to whom, or on “which” lips they were doing it. The section of the story where they needed to convey that they might not stay together to create drama for plot-line purposes sprung up rather quickly, and maybe played out a bit too predictably. (Spoiler) I certainly loved how Rowan opted to propose marriage, though – that was a creative and fun scene unlike any I’ve read before (five thumbs up, Kara Hart!).


All in all, Thrust is a well-plotted story that I recommend, with lots of action, new and creative plot twists, non-romanticized, ragged and rough MC characters, and a stand-up-and-clap HEA.


(Spoiler 2) Verona and Henson. Could there be two more adorable names? And Jeffco and Iago changing diapers and looking after little kids? ROFL!


I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.


(originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads, December 31, 2016)




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