Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

By Hayden Hunt

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars




I’m ready to get started on a new life.

I’ve never had the opportunity to live a life that makes me truly happy. Right out of High School I ignored my passion for art and jumped into a career in electrical work. I married my High School sweetheart even though I wasn’t passionately in love with her. And for many years, I’ve lived that life.

But now I’m starting over. I’m going back to school for a career in photography. I’ve divorced my wife and I’m ready to date someone I’m truly in love with. And, I’ve gotta say, this guy in my photography class, Patrick, is looking real cute…

I’m not sure I can believe in love.

My parents are going through a horrible divorce. I get phone calls daily from my Mom telling me that she hates my father. It’s very obvious that their love died long ago. This is why I choose not to commit to anyone and, instead, date many guys. I guess I’m a little afraid of commitment but, honestly, I haven’t met any guy who seemed worth committing to.

Until I meet Rich, an older guy in my photography class. He’s handsome, he has his shit together, and I’ve got the biggest crush on him. But when push comes to shove, I don’t know if I can get over my fear of commit so that we can truly be together.





This was such a sweet and romantic story.


Rich and Patrick both seemed authentic, like everyday guys with whom you could readily identify. Rich is a few years older than Patrick (Pat), and as such has already spent a decade in a career as an electrician, a career that he really didn’t love all that much but had pursued because it was a solid choice. Oh, and he’d also been married to his high school sweetheart and best friend that entire time until he finally admitted that he was gay so they could part ways and each pursue happiness. This brings us to the community college scene where Rich is taking a photography class to prepare him for his dream job of becoming a professional photographer. It’s here where he first meets – and is so not impressed by – Patrick, who he simply assumes is the typical, young party-hearty college guy, loud and obnoxious. This judgment is only amplified when he overhears Pat talking on his phone to a female who he assumes is his girlfriend. After a series of miscommunications, misunderstandings and rude behavior, the two eventually discover their mutual attraction for one another, and the reader is treated to a beautiful and romantic love story. Unfortunately, Pat’s recently divorced, bitter and antagonistic mom tries to put a kibosh on their love and joy. Rich brought a level of grace, patience and maturity to their struggle, while Pat’s father shared wise and touching insight and counsel that added great depth to their story.


Picture Perfect is a fast read, but emotionally engrossing, and one of my faves from author Hayden Hunt. It’s truly a heartwarming, feel-good read!


I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of Picture Perfect.

(originally posted on November 30, 2016)


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