Feel the Reaper: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance (Book 1)

Feel the Reaper: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance (Book 1)

By Asher Scott

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars





I’m a wanted man. Am I the hunter or the hunted? Not sure.

I skipped town with a million dollars, leaving a life of violence and death behind. I’m sick of that sh*t, and I want out.

But then I met Abby. She stopped me dead in my tracks. She’s so f*cking beautiful, I get hard just thinking about her. She’s mine now.

I thought I’d left the killing behind, but then things got complicated. Abby was caught in the middle. I’m not a man to leave my woman. Not Abby. I’ll do whatever it takes to get her back. Even if I have to kill every last f*cker, including Tonio Tavollaci himself.

It’s kill or be killed. I do it for love. I do it for freedom. I do it for Abby.


I know Luca’s dangerous, but I can’t resist him. There is power behind him, and I am drawn closer to him with every breath.

Logic tells me to run the other way, but I will not abandon him. My feelings are too strong. The way he touches me… I feel so alive.

Luca’s strong both inside and out, and those rippling muscles make my heart skip a beat. But there’s more to him. Much more. He’s all man. I’m all his. Always.




Feel the Reaper is how I expect a mafia romance to read, and I loved it. If you like steady-paced, intense, action-packed romance that grabs hold of you right out of the gate and doesn’t let go until the final page, then you won’t be disappointed by this novella. And the steam and sizzle rates as a 10.


I found the authentic-sounding dialogue and internal thought sequences refreshing – nothing felt or sounded contrived – and was likely more realistic than some things I’ve read in similar books in this genre. Some of the violence may be a bit more gruesome, graphic and in-your-face than some readers are used to, but it lends realism to the story – doubt there are many pretty things about mafia enforcement in the real world.


Luca and Abby are strong characters. Luca calls it like he sees it, and isn’t afraid to do the hard things that need to be done, but when it comes to Abby, he’s tender and protective and there’s no doubt how he feels about her. It’s easy for the reader to quickly get caught up in their insta-love relationship, and then the next second, be blindsided by a “what’s next?” in their day-to-day world.


Feel the Reaper: blood, lust, sex, romance, violence.


I can hardly wait for the next installment in the series.

(originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads, November 30, 2016)


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