Snow & Secrets (Stanford Creek Book 3)

Snow & Secrets (Stanford Creek Book 3)

By R.J. Scott writing as Rozenn Scott

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars




First comes trust, then love… then the fight to stay alive.

Stanford Creek, Book 3 (This book may be read as a standalone.)

Pop star Tyler Hart is desperate for peace after a humiliating public scandal. It seems like Stanford Creek may well be the place to lay low. After all, it worked for his friends and former bandmates, Cody and Danny. He borrows a cabin and settles in for a quiet Christmas…well, not quite.

Garrett Campbell is on the run. Wounded in the line of duty, he escapes to the only place he feels safe, Stanford Creek and his brother’s cabin. Only he doesn’t realize he’ll have a roommate, and a sexy one at that.

Amid snow falls and winter winds, passion burns bright. When danger threatens to follow Garrett, he has to decide whether to run again before his secrets could kill him and the man of his dreams.





Snow & Secrets is an endearing and sentimental-type read between two likeable characters. Garrett is seeking time and space to come to terms with his near-death experience when he and his colleagues were sold out in a hostage retrieval situation overseas. He ends up being seriously injured, but unlike his colleague/friend who was killed, he survives and feels a lot of guilt. Ty is an “out and proud” rock star who has been caught on video in a compromising position in a nightclub bathroom.


Both Garrett and Ty end up escaping from their respective problems by seeking solitude in a mountain cabin owned by Justin, who is Garrett’s older brother, as well as the older brother of one of Ty’s former band member’s wife. Garrett has harbored a crush on Ty since high school, and Ty finds himself inexplicably drawn to Garrett, even though he hasn’t shared any details about his real job/career with anyone, including his family.


The story steadily builds on the two’s evolving relationship, eventually seguing into danger when details surrounding the events leading to Garrett’s injury and his friend’s death reach a climax. At no point does the story resort to having Garrett and Ty spat over silly issues for the sake of plot strife. Instead, even though Garrett maintains his secrecy, the two approach their relationship maturely – so refreshing! The unexpected twist resolving the mystery behind Garrett’s near-death experience is a brutal shock, but it catapults Garrett and Ty to boldly invest in their HEA.


Snow & Secrets is a well-written, hopeful, romantic and light-hearted read.


I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of the book.

(originally posted on Amazon and Goodreads, November 30, 2016)


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