It’s January 1, 2017 – the birth of Sarandipity Book Reviews!

This book review site has been a long time coming. I even promised on Facebook earlier this week — accountability and all — to get it launched before the New Year. Well, as I figure it, if I don’t hit “launch” before midnight tonight, then I’m already behind before I hit the second day into the New Year.

I’m obviously not going to get all 150+ reviews posted tonight, but they’re coming. Gives us both something to look forward to. And I’m halfway through reading two more books — one ARC and one previously published — as I type this post.

So I hope you enjoy the reviews. I try my best to be fair, but as with anyone, I’m human. These reviews only qualify my opinion, and hopefully provide some insight into whether or not you want to pick up a specific book to read it.

I’m just pretty excited to finally have a platform to share these reviews that I so very much enjoy writing. Now, if only figuring out how to populate and customize this site came so intuitively to me….


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